Once a year we take time to celebrate The Battle of Wytheville, Tolland’s Raid, and Molly Tynes ride. This is all part of the Civil War history of the area and we wish to honor all who fought to protect their land and families.
This weekend we will be flying the American flag and the Civil War battle flag in honor of the American families and the loved ones they lost. We will have several events going on throughout the weekend including re-enactors dressed in period uniform and costume, history of the region and time period being discussed, bands playing Civil War songs.
It was a time in history that helped shape the area into what it is today. We do not do this to start controversy or take a stand one way or the other.
Rev. Sheffey will be wandering around in uniform talking about life during and history of the Civil War. Molly Tynes will make an appearance and give a little history of the Battle of Wytheville and Toland's Raid. Tom Perry, Zach Cooley, Mary Barksdale and Donna Fogelsong will be here to discuss the books they have written. Stomp your feet to the music of Marv Ashby & High Octane on Saturday afternoon and enjoy period songs by Jim Lloyd on Sunday afternoon.
Plan to make a day of it! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the mountains and our history!
Hot dogs, snacks, drinks, & delicious ice cream are available for purchase at Big Walker Lookout in the BW Country Store.
Virginia's oldest privately owned scenic attraction: Big Walker Lookout & BW Country Store is celebrating over 70 years in business. It has been owned and operated by the same family and features more than 25 local artisans, crafters, and musicians that demonstrate their talents each weekend from May through October. Local authors do book signings and have books for sale all summer long. Big Walker Lookout, a Crooked Road venue, will host this Summer's Mountain Top Music featuring local musicians, some returning favorites as well as fresh new groups & bands.
This is a free event.