Looking for real roots? With three music stages, two dozen country foods, over fifty craftspeople, dozens of vintage farm tractors, hundreds of custom cars, draft horse pulling and log skidding contests, mule jumping contests, coon dog treeing and water race competitions, sheep herding demos, plowing demos, threshing and baling demos, and old-time children’s games, Ferrum College's Blue Ridge Folklife Festival celebrates western Virginia's folkways and rural life like no other event.  We're 44 years old and counting! 
All the famed Blue Ridge music styles are here--bluegrass, ballads, blues, gospel, and old-time string band music.    The BRFF's renowned crafts area is alive with tradition as festival artisans--many of them selling their wares--demonstrate longstanding rural hand skills picked up from family and neighbors. On the storytelling stage beside a working still, retired bootleggers and revenuers swap grand stories of their past cat-and-mouse games.
Called "thoroughly authentic" by the New York Times, the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival offers an unmatched day of rural entertainment and heritage.

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