This August, local and regional performance artists will converge at Chantilly Farm to create the second annual Cirque du Floyd!
From New York to North Carolina, we’re showcasing some of the best names in regional circus arts, and giving you a chance to try your hand at it as well with expanded workshops. The circus is for everyone, and we invite you to explore with all of your senses what you really love about this unique art form.
Circus arts are making a comeback around the world, as modern cirque elements marry with more traditional circus arts. We’re embracing the old with the new at Cirque du Floyd, celebrating and sharing the history and tradition of the old circus, while exposing you to the dazzling and marvelous realms of the new. You won’t want to miss this chance to experience and interact with all things circus at Cirque du Floyd 2018.
Crafts, local food, beer and wine lounge, sideshow stage and roaming performances will be back, along with more outdoor fun and expanded workshops. Plan on camping with us for the weekend so you can really let your hair down and experience the ageless of fun of Cirque du Floyd!
We are always looking for more volunteers! Join the team and be a part of something incredible!
Apply here: