Meet Our Artisans

Jennifer Fletcher Meade

Journey Through Light

Jennifer enjoys nature photography, abstractions, macros, landscapes, sports, and most all genres of photography.  Her approach to photography and life in general, may be described by the following: 

We are on a Journey…… and, it is the Journey itself that is important; not really how nor where this Journey began nor how or where it will end.  Rather, more importantly, it is what we experience and how we celebrate these experiences along this Journey. Each experience evokes emotions and feelings through which we express ourselves.  Each of us has important feelings, ideas, concepts, and emotions to express and share with others.  The expression medium is one’s own choice; whether it be voice, strings, keys, words, pastels, inks, oils, acrylics, metals, cloth and thread, or the capture of light really doesn’t matter. The expression and the evoked emotion from this creation for others and ourselves is the most important! Along this Journey, for one to experience completeness, one must LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, DREAM, and HOPE.