Meet Our Artisans

Paula Melton

In her own words, “Drawing and painting have been my best method of communication since I was 3 years old”, is the best way to describe the artist. Quiet and unassuming, Paula has been honing her skills in watercolors since childhood. Simple subjects, with an eye on detail define her wide assortment of subjects. She spent many hours with her parents and their love of nature and their life in the Blue Ridge Mountains had a major impact on her artwork. These honest influences have generated a style of painting that is unlike most, realistic with a careful attention to detail that matters. So, her main focus of work includes flowers, blooms, old homesteads, old trucks and cars, a series of angels, a series on a farm stream and field, pets, old barns, old jars, landscapes, vases, bluegrass musical instruments, egg baskets and in particular, cats in their finest moments.

Paula continues to live in the mountain home built by her great-grandfather and grandfather, staying her close to precious family memories, as well as close to the nature and flowers she enjoys.  When you take a close look at her paintings, you will enjoy the simpler things of life as well.