This 1829 building, once the residence of a Pearisburg entrepreneur, is the oldest brick home in Giles County. It is now a living museum featuring period furnishings. gift shop, doctor's office, and the Andrew Johnston house itself, which, being built in 1829, is believed to be the oldest brick home in Giles County. For four days during the Civil War (May 6-10, 1862), the 23rd Ohio Regiment of the Union army used Dr. Johnston's office (built about 1857) as headquarters. The Regiment was commanded by Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes and Major William B. McKinley, who went on to become our nation's 19th and 25th presidents, respectively. A Presbyterian Church across the street served as a commissary. At 4:00 AM the morning of May 10, 1862, Confederate troops led by General Heth took the Union troops by surprise in the Battle of Pearisburg. Two men from each side were killed and several others were injured. Many of these were treated in the 1836 Courthouse which served as a hospital. Five Confederate soldiers are buried in the Angel's Rest Cemetery nearby.