This driving loop takes the wildlife enthusiast into higher elevation woodlands where dark-eyed juncos and eastern towhees scatter from the roadside and several species of warbler can be heard from the road. More common bird species encountered along the loop include ruffed grouse, wild turkey, yellow-billed cuckoo, mourning dove, and ruby-throated hummingbird. Local feeders attract a great variety of songbirds during migration such as Baltimore oriole, rose-breasted grosbeak, Tennessee, black-throated blue, bay-breasted, and cerulean warblers. Even Kirtland's warbler has occurred! In addition to the diverse bird life the area supports, a variety of butterflies including eastern tiger, spicebush and black swallowtails as well as the uncommon Diana fritillary. Dragon- and damselflies are more difficult to find, although common whitetail can be seen near moist areas within the forest.