Arguably one of the most historically significant sites in Virginia, Ingles Farm transports visitors back to the days of westward expansion, Native Americans, and the daily struggle to survive. The property was settled by William and his wife, Mary Draper Ingles, in the 1750's. Before her marriage, Mary Draper had been captured by Native Americans and taken to Ohio; she escaped and walked home. She embodies the spirit and strength found in settlers of early frontier history of Southwest Virginia. Her inspiring story is recounted in books and films. In addition to being a working farm, the Ingles' built and operated a ferry and tavern to transport and shelter some of the hundreds of thousands of settlers traveling westward along the Wilderness Road across the New River. This working farm will be open to the public on special days from 10am-3pm. Routine work will be performed and explained. Come and explore the cabin of William and Mary Draper Ingles, learn about current preservation efforts, and trace the history of Ingles Ferry and its importance in history.