The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama exemplifies the sense of community and pride in local history that is prevalent throughout Wise County. This is a fascinating, exciting, a tender love story of a beautiful Virginia mountain girl and a handsome young mining engineer from the East. The drama depicts the story of the great boom in Southwest Virginia when the discovery of coal and iron ore forced the lusty, proud mountain people into making drastic changes in their way of life. The homespun wit and humor of these mountain folk is intermingled with stark tragedy, suspense, violence and their final acceptance of their inevitable destiny.
The June Tolliver House, located adjacent to the amphitheatre, is open for free tours. The first floor has antiques from the turn of the century. Throughout the house are paintings that were donated by local artists. The majority of the paintings are of actors and actresses who have previously starred in the drama over the past three decades. The house is a National and Virginia Historic Landmark. The house also serves as a craft/gift shop with items featured from local artists.